Poetry of the Harlem Renaissance: A Cultural Experience Essay examples

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Poetry has the power to teach people new things and change their perspectives on life. When authors realize the power of their poetry it is a revolutionary thing because they are then able to teach people through their poetry. In many poems the reader is able to get a sense of the culture that the author grew up in. This teaches people a lot about the past and about what people in the past had to face. When America was young nation slavery was a common thing. People were brought over from Africa and forced to do labor on plantations in the south. There was a whole population of people in the United States that was mistreated and honestly did not belong anywhere. They were not considered citizens of the U.S. and this created a huge problem …show more content…

For many slaves all that they knew of their history was what they were told about from their grandparents and parents. To many these stories were all that they had to link them back to a time when they were free to live their lives. Many slaves did not even know anything about their past. All many slaves knew was the horrible lives that they were forced to live on the plantations in the South. In both of their poems the readers gains a sense of longing for what they were never able to experience. They want to go back to the time where they were free to do what they wanted in a land that truly belonged to them. History was very important to them because it gave them something to dream about, and let them know that what was happening to them was not okay, and that was not how life had always had been. From Hughes poems readers get a sense of the emotions and longings that many slaves experienced. “There are words like freedom sweet and wonderful to say. On my heart-strings freedom sings all day everyday.” To many people in America freedom is something that they feel they are entitled to because America is supposed to be the land of the free. Today that is true for all Americans but a long time ago freedom meant so much more than it was today.

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