Point Of View In Crash Into You By Katie Mcgarry

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Every person has their own point of view and just like experiences of life shape our points of view. They also influence what we like, what we don't like, and our thoughts. Points of view can be shared and expressed in multiple ways. For example, movies, songs, plays, and more specifically the novel Crash Into You by Katie McGarry. Novels have an illuminating episode which shows the author's point of view throughout the story. The illuminating episode in this novel is when Rachel’s father, one of the main characters, confronts her and her boyfriend, Isaiah, about their relationship and the trouble they got themselves into because it shows that the author believes true love will surpass any obstacle, you should always stand firm in what you believe, and never let others tell you what's good for you.
In the novel Crash Into You, the couple finish paying their five thousand dollar debt lost in an illegal race as Rachel’s father shows up, angry, after finding out the situation his only daughter was in. He does not arrive alone; he is accompanied by a police officer who wants to arrest Isaiah for ‘abduction’. Rachel’s father orders his daughter to leave with him but she refused claiming she loves Isaiah. When goody two shoes, Rachel, defied her father’s orders for the first time she did it for the love she has for Isaiah. This shows that the author believes in true love staying strong through any obstacle life throws because Rachel never did anything her parents didn't approve
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