Point Source Pollution Essay

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Review of Literature
Pollution has been an ongoing program that dates back thousands of years and consists of air, noise, water, light, soil, thermal, and radioactive forms (causes). This research paper will concentrate on water pollution, types, causes, and solutions to deal with what possibly will lead to an inevitable destruction of our environment, leading to water ways that cannot sustain life. Life cannot exist without clean, or non-polluted water. Since our drinking water and a lot of our food sources come from these bodies of water, it is crucial that we all take part in controlling and fixing the water pollution problem that is plaguing all of our bodies of water.
Point Source Pollution
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Even though point source pollution is deadly people now focus more on nonpoint source pollution.
Since there are so many problems when it comes to point source pollution, there are also many solutions to stopping them. For example, driving a car releases gasoline into the air but when you ride a bike you release no harmful gases into the air resulting in better exercise and no pollution. Other solutions can be forcing companies to limit the gases they release into the air which causes many environmental problems. Farmers should use the right amount of fertilizer for their crops because too much fertilizer pollutes the air. Point source pollution in the United States is regulated by the environmental protection agency also known as the EPA. So that is another way point source pollution is treated. The Clean Water Act (CWA), passed by Congress in 1972, provides the basic structure for improving the release of pollutants from point sources to the bodies of water in the United States. That way we can decrease the cause of point source pollution.
III. Nonpoint source pollution
Nonpoint source pollution is when a kind of pollution happens from many sources. Some examples of nonpoint source pollution are when multiple chemicals, plastics, are dumped into marine habitats. Nonpoint source pollution is so common that you usually don't have to look further than your neighborhood and if you do consider yourself lucky. Also, this problem is so threatening

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