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Points of View in Realism "‘Good morning, dear Miss Tesman. What an early hour to call. So kind of you." Says Hedda./ ‘No, really not, thank you. I just wanted to make sure you have everything you need. I must see about getting back home. My poor dear sister will be waiting for me,' says Miss Tesman to Hedda./ Be sure to give her my love, won't you? Tell her I'll run over to see her later today, says Tesman to Miss Tesman'"

Henrik Ibsen focused on Realism for the tale of Hedda Gabler, yet one can not help but to review the realities of each individual character. The Realism movement came after the Romanticism era, which they are seemingly are flowing in a sequence. In the movement of realism; we are to believe that all of the …show more content…

There are realities of the play as a whole, but then there are realities as they relate to each individual person, because here is where the point of views differs even as they relate to the same plot. The woman with the tale as a namesake, Hedda Gabler, has a reality that is vastly different from all other people involved in the play. "She's [Hedda] a real lady. Wants everything just so," says Bertha. "But of course she does! General Gabler's daughter!" says Miss Tesman (1227) Hedda was accustomed to a certain way of living in which her finances were more than the means that she had married into just months before. Hedda often seemed extraordinarily rude to not only the wait staff, but to her friends and most of all husband and his dear aunt, which is most baffling about this particular characters interaction with others. "Good morning Miss Tesman. What an early hour to call. So kind of you." (1231) Hedda's comments were filled with such sarcasm that she would blatantly try to embarrass Tesman's aunt, what ever happened to respecting your elders? On the contrary her husband, George Tesman, seemed to do just well with the simple things in life and not all of the gargantuan amounts of materials that his newly wed bride sought out to acquire. Tesman was a somewhat simpleton who enjoyed idle thoughts and being with family which he held so dear

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