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I write hoping to give voice to the condition of Poland and her people to our representatives. In this moment of terror, we need the leadership and guidance of our government, now more than ever to give our countrymen comfort and strength in our hour of need. Our government in London is there to represent our people to the global community, and in this moment, we desperately need your help. There needs to be a record of our suffering. The last two years have brought great change to our nation. Once again, the Soviets and Nazis have divided Poland into their own halves, and in the west, we are under Nazi occupation.
Unfortunately, the last two years were a series of swift and confusing events. Our allies–Britain and France—have forsaken
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This has made them sloppy in who they choose for filling their quotas and it appears that the Jews are the easiest to deport given they are living in guarded ghettos. Ethnic cleansing The deportation reinforces the Nazi's view of us as animals, rather, then humans. Our lives hold no value to the Nazis, we are "Polish swine" not worthy of life. But I believe that with our "huge population, neither the concept of the Polish State nor the Jews will be eliminated by" the Nazi's heartless actions. If those with influence outside our nation could use their voice to testify to the suffering for every Polish citizen.
Another reason for the deportations of Poles is the resistance movement that has formed. The spirit of the January Uprising has not left our people, and there has formed a resistance movement. The Nazis fear the willingness of Poles to fight for their homeland. Yet, they seemed to have devised a plan to combat and destroy our fighting spirit. They have started a war against the clergy and intelligentsia believing that we are the leadership, and the destruction of the ‘leadership' class will allow for control of the nation. To destroy the leadership, will let our nation be open those who are not "a thin Germanic layer, [with an] underneath [of] frightful material," but ethnic Germans, in need of a homeland.
Minister, your people are dying and forced from their homes for the sole crime
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