Polarization In Politics

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The implications of these impacts are likely to be widespread and influence many areas related to the American political system. At this point I will turn to examining research strategies to examine the potential implications of each of these three shifts in four areas, public participation at local levels, interest group control over information, media frames regarding polarization, and policy feedback in the absence of policy actions.
The shift in policy focus from the Federal level to the state level on a number of issues raises questions about the quality of representation in regards to these policies. The nationalization of House elections, and the use of state legislatures to redraw district lines call into question the representative nature of the process that permits these incidents to occur. Perhaps it is simply that the election of Republicans to numerous state legislatures represented public wishes to reshape the electoral system of the country at large.
To determine if these local elections are being driven primarily by a small group of individuals that is radically different from the population in general, the characteristics of those who turn out to vote at local elections should be compared to those that turnout in national elections. …show more content…

The increasing combative polarization illustrated by Abromowitz and Webster (2015), along with the evaluation of party identification as a type of social identity (Iyangar et al. 2012) increasingly points to a view of political parties as opponents rather than colleagues. Highly polarized political elites can override media frames (Druckman et al., 2013), indicting that the battle between parties may be more than simply a debate about ideas. The gridlock and shift toward obstructionism exacerbates this, by providing media with an easily adaptable frame of combative

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