Police Brutality And The Media

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In a nation that prides itself on protecting the rights of all citizens, one right is under a blistering attack. According to the second amendment the “right to bear arms shall not be infringed” but in every corner of America that right is getting closer and closer to disappearing. In the news, Americans only hear of the guns that kill, they don’t hear of the guns that save. The fact of the matter is, the right to carry concealed weapons has saved lives. Everyday, the biased news media reports another mass shooting. The media reports the cases of “police brutality” and the media reports the tragic accidents. The media doesn’t report the research by David Burnett and Clayton Cramer who track incidents of defensive gun use. The stories include women fighting off would be rapists and senior citizens protecting themselves from robbers. They are stories that prevent violent crimes from occurring, for they are stories that save lives. As a young woman preparing to go to college, I am scared. Recent statistics show that one in four women will be raped in college. One out of my four best friends who gossip about boys and stress about homework will suffer the most traumatic event of their short lives. If only that best friend had a concealed weapon to protect herself. If only someone who hears the rape will have a concealed weapon to protect her. It is important to note that no lives have to be taken in this quest for protection. A concealed weapon does not have to

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