Police Brutality Essay

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Police Brutality against African American people has begun to take a toll on our communities. African American communities cannot even trust the police, because of the way they are being treated unfairly by a police officers of them distract or their state. Which is why the police are being coming more advanced in technology, but still fail to use their powers as an officer correctly. This cause the police officers are using misconduct against African American people when confronted by them. This research leads me to conclude that the police department of many states across the United States becomes more corrupted every day because of the lack of order in our police departments. In this essay, I will argue that the policing between black…show more content…
He also talks about how in the 1930s the supreme court begins to make changes to the police misconduct in the 1960s. For example, in the article it talks about the New Orleans police went into a guy home without a search warrant, and arrested him for no reason. Also, there was a time when a police officer went into a high school, and shot a young black kid for reason hitting him in the chest her later die. Police misconduct is another situation that continues to happen if we do not put a stop to this situation.
Police brutality has become a major issue in America because of the amount of young black men being killed by police officers. In the article Racism and Police Brutality in America by Cassandra Chaney, she talks about how blacks are viewed as a deserving of harsh in the criminal justice’s system (Chaney 2013). She also talks about how a black man are viewed as the “prototypical” Criminal meaning the original criminal (Chaney 2013). Which I think is wrong because all men are not criminals because this world some men no matter the color of your skin, does know right from wrong. According to Onyemaobim Ikedi O say that “police can be found a form lynching” (lkedi 2016). Meaning that when the police start killing black is like hanging them on a tree.
Police brutality is even spreading across the world today in other countries, and is even affecting our women in other parts of the world.
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