Police Corruption Research Paper

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Capitalism is defined as an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market. Capitalism is one of the main driving force of the United States of America.Through the idea of capitalism, businesses thrive every day as they go to work. They try to make as much as they as they can before work ends, and often times try to turn a profit in order to achieve goals and obtain more revenue. when i watched capitalism a love store it really open my eyes to a lot of things. it showed me how corrupt the american government system is. the first thing that …show more content…

this is not nazi germane this is america and the police should not be taught to shoot first and ask questions later. police officers have taken an oath to protect and server every individual in the states no matter what their color of there skin is or what they believe in. are the police really doing their job and protecting and serving every person in america or are they profiling and shooting to kill. the police see minorities as the enemy. the bully innocent people that they are supposed to be protecting and yet they insists that they are doing their job.until the police begin to stop discriminating against minorities i do not know if i can trust them. i hope in the near further that i would be able to call police for help and they come and do what they swore to do. another person that abuse there power is judges. when i saw that judge sentence all those kids to jail over petty charges i was really hurt. why would anybody send young teenagers to jail for no reason just so that they can get paid. americans people want money so bad that they will do anything to get it even if it ruining somebody else …show more content…

in the business world, money is made by the selling consumer goods. In order to produce these good it costs money and labor. So the businesses must pay for labor and materials. after that the business must sell their products and services at a competitive price so that consumers will buy it and they must produce their products and services at the lowest cost possible to ensure that they will generate a lot of money. because a lot of these companies want to get rich they need make sure that they are not spending so much money in production. since they dot want to spend so much in production they move there company out of the united states. when they move out of the state they go to poor country that is going to make there products for a cheaper price than if they were to make it in the states. the problem with that is they don't know how those people are being treated in those factories in other country. american has laws which protect people for there boss doing what every they want to do to them. in those other country they do not have that. the boss in theses factories may be over working those people and paying them little to

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