Police Drones Research Paper

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To the Rescue! Why police drone can rescue the human life? And How?
In today’s world, a various crimes like terrorist attacks, murder, robbery, theft and so on always happening around us. Therefore, one of technologies been introduce that what a police drone. Because of the innovation of the sciences, so the drones can be introduced for rescues human life in today’s world. Let’s go talk the detail of the police drones. Police drones, which can called by Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs) and it been used for domestic police for surveillance. According to BBC News, Merseyside police are using the "spy drone", fitted with CCTV cameras commonly uses for tackling public disorder, anti-social behavior and monitor criminal activity. The police drones, which flown by remote control or …show more content…

Therefore, Merseyside police using the device’s on-board camera and thermal-imaging technology, to pick up human body heat and locate human location. Refer to one of the case, because of this technology, the police able using this technology to find one of the criminals who was hiding in the bushes alongside the Liverpool canal, in Merseyside (MAILONLINE,2010). Besides these, Dutch police will use a special spectroscopic sensor on their police drones, so the drones able to detect meth labs and drug storage sites. This technology is very helpful for the police to search the location of the drug easily and can prevent the drug outflow to the citizen

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