Police Enforcement And Law Enforcement Essay

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Statement of the Problem
Much too often the public’s perception police use of force is different from those who are in law enforcement. This view is greatly influenced by a range of factors, including portrayals in the media, and intensified by the rising weight of social media. In today’s society, incidents of use of force can establish a false account for the public regarding police actions, even though it is not statistically represented or backed by data.
Law enforcement officers encounter danger every day while performing their duties. The foremost duty of law enforcement officers are to serve and protect citizens. Most law enforcement agencies do this successfully however, many people view law enforcement officers as the enemy. Citizens need to be better informed about law enforcement and why officers take specific actions in certain circumstances. In our society, police are in a very dangerous position when it comes to the amount of force they can use when dealing with an individual. According to Harmon (2008), officers use discretion when determining the best approach for the situation, whether it be physical force or persuasion. They must take the correct action, even when dealing with minor things, because if they are too forgiving or to forceful they will be reprimanded by supervisors and the public. Should police be permitted to use force? Which circumstances warrant use force and what are the limits of force they can use? These questions are often…
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