Police Enforcement Attempt to Catch Sexual Predators

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Tetzlaff-Bemiller, M. J. (2011). Undercover online: An extension of traditional policing in the united states . 5(2), 813-824. Retrieved from The author here from the University of Central Florida studied law enforcement officers who work under cover chatting investigations to catch sexual predators. Tetzlaff-Bemiller conducted a sample consisting of 17 telephone interviews who were members of special units the law enforcement personnel used to catch sexual predators. The data that was collected consisted of multiple parts. The first part consisted of 12 questions where questions were asked about their backgrounds, how they became part of their unit, what their work schedule is. The second part was more about the law enforcement personnel’s home lives, which asked about relationship statuses, children and social lives. The third section of the survey asked about the personnel’s training which consisted of two questions with more follow ups focusing on where or where from they got their training and content of the training. The fourth section relates to Questions here contain strategies used, sites patrolled, and how the respondents identify with their targets. Marcum, G. (2007). Interpreting the intentions of internet predators: An examination of online predatory behavior. 16(4), 99-115. This article is a study of three chat room conversations between

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