The Multi Policing Agency And Operation Snapshot

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Introduction In this paper, we will examine the multi policing agency taskforce, Operation snapshot. The focus of the task force is to protect children, specifically resulting from exploitation, and child pornography. The operations have been used on three different occasions; with police agencies from all over Canada participating. We will specifically examine the police units that were involved in the operation, and the roles that they were responsible for, and how they worked together as a cohesive team. We will also be looking at the issues relating to these cases, such as issues relating to the investigation, and more importantly the issues these professionals deal with when working on cases such as these. We will take an in-depth …show more content…

They send the information to that regions ICE unit (if it is not in their own region). Like we saw with operation snapshot II, the case was transferred from Ottawa’s RCMP national ICE unit, to the New Brunswick’s RCMP ICE unit (Crawford, 2014). The NB RCMP ICE unit investigated the suspect that was linked to this IP address. During the investigation, which also included surveillance and analysis of the internet traffic, the ICE unit was able to gather enough evidence to obtain a search warrant. Once this has happened they will coordinate with regular duty members, and the Tech crime unit. The tech crime unit is there to assist with the collection of technology relating to the offences, and to assist in accessing this information. Many of these computers, and external hard drives will be protected, and will take further work to be able to access the information (evidence) on them. The tech crimes unit will then catalogue all the evidence, and they will make copies of all the hard drives (Crawford, 2014). They do this to preserve the evidence collected. Once that is done they will try and extract evidence from the copies. Once the evidence had been collected the information will be sent back to the ICE unit, who will then place any charges accordingly. The regular duty officers will be evolved in assisting with executing the search warrant. The cooperation and partnerships of these units are vital, they work together as

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