Police Misconduct In America

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Fair and equal treatment is a widely accepted aspiration of most Americans, but to this day is still a work in progress. It's naive to say police misconduct isn't an issue, even more so to say that young African American men aren't unreasonably marginalized and targeted. This is something we need to take action towards and make a change if we expect anything about this to change. Police are not the enemy, the majority of police are well trained and RESPECTFUL OF THE PEOPLE, but that is not to make light of very serious problems regarding police brutality, false statements, racial profiling, manslaughter, sexual assault, and much much more among the minority of officers. They are meant to prevent crime, protect and serve, and enforce the law.…show more content…
Between April 2009 and june 2010, there were 5986 reports of misconduct, 382 fatalities linked to misconduct, and settlements that accumulated $347,455,000. Cases of police misconduct happen practically dozens of times every week, thousands of times each year, and cringingly enough, those are only the ones we know about. We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg, countless other cases go unnoticed and unjustified regularly. Accounts of police misconduct, particularly cases involving police brutality, surface in today’s society more than ever largely due to how common it is for a camera to catch what really goes on. Some police give false statements of what actually happened during their confrontations, some being absurdly different from the truth. In the case of the Laquan McDonalds October 2014 shooting, the statement given by the officer and…show more content…
It’s become socially accepted that officers tend to target black people more than white people. Which isn’t untrue. This leads people to think, if the same exact scenario was done, but one involved a white teen and one a black teen, then would there still be the same result? Black people, as Barack Obama stated, are “disproportionately involved in the criminal justice system; They're disproportionately both victims and perpetrators of violence” His point being that Statistically, young African Americans are moreEXPOSED TO violent, and are more likely to commit a crime. That isn't some bigoted statement said to further perpetuate hate throughout society, that's just the facts. But, that with that in mind, people tend to use that to judge all African Americans as if they are all immediately criminals just for being black. African Americans can trace this type of disgusting generalization of a race of people back to their difficult past in America. It’s fair to say a majority of crime caused by African Americans happens in poor black neighborhoods, and once again, those communities can trace their origin back to its very rough historical beginning, which explains some of the poverty and dysfunction that still is tragically deeply embedded into their culture starting out in America. However, what might surprise some people
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