Police Officers And The Police Force

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“You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you.” Most of us know exactly who says this and what it means. The only problem is that this quote is the extent of our knowledge as an outsider to the Greensboro Police force. I was able to get an inside look at what really happens in a day in the life of an everyday police officer. I spent two days at the department observing the officers and riding alongside one in the police car. Throughout my experience I learned that most of the stereotypes I had about police officers were completely wrong. One of the first officers I talked to was Corporal Donaldson, who is also my father. I asked him about his experiences with the general public. He told me that “as an African-American police officer, one of the most common things people bring up is the race card.” The “race card” being when someone claims they are being singled out due to their race. I asked around the station and it seemed that this accusation was more prevalent in Caucasian officers. 8 out of the 10 Caucasian officers I asked said this was a very common occurrence in their day to day life, whereas only 4 of the 10 other officers I asked said it was a common occurrence. Officer Hank for example told me “when I pull over someone of color they usually assume it is due to their race.” He said “it is never about race, there is no way for me to tell from a patrol car what race an offender is. Officer Hank has a very country accent which…
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