Police Officers And The Police Enforcement

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The psychologist serves a great purpose in the law enforcement as well. The police psychologists provide services that are used to counter police use of excessive force. The psychologists are there to characterize the types of officers who are known to abuse force and to recommend psychology-based intervention that could help police managers reduce cases of excessive force. Some think that the police departments should rely mostly on pre employment screening to identify violence-prone candidates.

The psychologist 's ' services that the psychologist provide consist of counseling and evaluation more than training and monitoring of police behavior. Counseling is more likely to be a response to excessive force incidents than a preventive step (Scrivner, E, M., 2004).

The psychologists recommend for police departments to periodically evaluate the officer 's using methods other than routine psychological tests. They recommend better training and increasing behavioral monitoring on all officers. Current screening methods to evaluate police candidates are limited almost exclusively to psychological tests and preemployment clinical interviews. New screening technologies could enable psychologists to examine such areas as a candidate 's decision making and problem-solving abilities and the ability to interact with others. These things are important for resolving problems without using excessive force.
(Scrivner, E, M, 2004)

Psychologist are used to assess the mental
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