Policies in Management Diversity at Denny’s

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Policies in Management Diversity at Denny’s

Denny’s Corporation is a franchisee-owned, full-service restaurant chain, which operates over 1,000 restaurants through out the world (Nichols, 2012). A major instances caused to Denny’s progressive enlargement in 1993 when two class-action lawsuits for discrimination where filed. The lawsuits were accusing Denny’s for repeated civil rights violations, primarily against African Americans (Mor Barak, 2011). Among many discriminatory acts, Denny’s has been accused of requesting only African Americans costumers to pay for meals first when the other customers pay after meals. In addition, Denny’s has been scrutinized for what is known as “Blackout” periods, were the number of African American
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Discrimination can appear at the time of recruitment, or at work, with regard to working conditions such as work hour, leave, pay, training; and dismissal, termination, retirement or discrimination to customers. It is also important to not only to have clear guiding policy that indicates the commitment of the organization to provide equal employment opportunity for anyone who applied for a job but also endeavors to implement it. Adamson attempting to threaten to fire anyone who discriminated is a strategy on itself to implement his policy.
However, there is sill more work to do, there is sill some discrimination lawsuits that Denny’s face. However, I do not think it is an indication that Denny’s new policies and practices are not working. The policies and practices are super, but I think, Denny’s didn’t do great job addressing the public that it has been improving in managing diversity. The public image of Denny’s is still associated with their 1990s lawsuits, where they accusing of civil rights violations, primarily against African Americans. In addition, Denny’s name is still associated with discrimination by the fact that Denny’s had only one African American franchisee and had no minority suppliers. However, that is not true now. They need to let the public know that Denny’s not only increased the number of minority employees, but also increased franchise owners to 120 and increased its purchased from minority-owned suppliers to $90
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