Policies of the Nazi Party and Hitler Becoming Chancellor Essay

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Policies of the Nazi Party and Hitler Becoming Chancellor

I believe that the Nazi policies played a major part in the success leading to Hitler's reign as chancellor. The Nazi policies were very appealing to age groups of all generations; there were also a variety of other reasons for the success of the Nazi party and its leader Hitler, these included: the great depression, Hitler's own personal ability and personality, the increase in support for the communist party as well as the well organised propaganda campaign.

The Nazi policies were extremely successful and had a widespread appeal across Germany. These policies were very appealing to the middle classes, pensioners, nationalists, …show more content…

This also led to people being discontent, people were beginning to lose faith in the Weimar government, as they had now proven, on two occasions which were the occupation of the Ruhr and now the Wall Street crash that they were unable to keep control on the situations and they were showing signs of instability. Germany was struck with poverty, even those in the middle classes suffered. Due to the masses in unemployment and the poverty which was arising, people were becoming desperate and they began to find the extreme ideology of the Nazi party more appealing. People started to turn their attention to the views of the Nazis, the Nazis seemed to have all the answers, they promised to solve all of Germany's problems so therefore people were starting to support the Nazis. Before all the chaos the Nazi party had been a very minority party, who people had ignored, but the depression showed a turning point and many people believed that they had no choice but to join the Nazi party.

Along with the depression, Hitler's own personality was an important factor in the rise of the Nazi party. Hitler had great personal skills and was a brilliant orator, he could get big crowds of people to listen and get involved. He was very charismatic and this is what got the people involved in his campaign. Hitler's

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