Policing in Kelsey: Budget Report Essay

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Policing in Kelsey: Budget Report
Jacoby Whitacre
AJS/522 Finance and Budgeting in Justice and Security
April 15, 2013
Michael Scott

Policing in Kelsey: Budget Report With the City of Kelsey having an increase of criminal activity it is the responsibility of the city to ensure that its citizens are safe. It should be the top priority of every person on this board to ensure there is additional funding found so that additional police officers can be hired and trained. Police officers from lower crime areas can be moved to the higher crime areas but the police department must ensure there is not an increase of crime in those areas with fewer police officers.
How the changes affect the fiscal cycle of your budgeting The federal
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By adding the auditing process to line-item budgeting, government management focuses on expenditures, thus creating a type of accountability that confronts corruption, helps discourage public employees deviating from strict instructions, and enhances tighter control over the employees’ behavior. For these reasons, most governments utilize some form of line-item budgeting at some level within their organization” (Smith & Lynch, 2004).
Differences of the chosen budgeting approach from those not used The line item budget gives a detail example of what is spent where. This gives the greatest insight on where money can be saved and in what areas can have the greatest effect with additional funding. When cities are having trouble finding funding for departments that are as important as the police department these budgets will also help find money from other departments that can be used for the police department.
A plan to address the crime issue
More police officers need to be hired with the growing population. This is a must with the increase of crime. To address the increase criminal activity there needs to be more police officers in those areas. Police officers retire and others leave the job. These vacant positions must be filed and the police ratio to citizens need to mach. “Currently on average the ratio of police to population in the US comes to about 2.3 officers per thousand

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