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Running Head: POLICY Policy Analysis By Veronica Soto March 14, 2013 QNT/562 Professor Eboniece Cason Introduction Policy analysis is a social and political activity. Analysis means to break a policy down so it can be understood better. Thus public policy analysis is the examination of the components of public policy, the policy process or both. It is the study of causes and consequences of policy decisions. Policy analysis uses many different methods of inquiry and draws from various disciplines to obtain the information needed to assess a problem. There are eight different forms of policy analysis that will be discussed in this paper. Prospective Policy Analysis When using the prospective form of policy analysis it…show more content…
Descriptive Policy Analysis Descriptive policy analysis usually allows you to choose the problem to be studied and determine the types of information you want to collect and analyze. The descriptive theories may be obtained through monitoring and forecasting. The main function is to explain, understand and predict by identifying patterns of casualty. (Dunn, 2008) This type of policy analysis may use time series studies as it can use data in a graph that shows fluctuations and recognize evidence of their occurance. It can then make decisions on monitoring and forecasting. It will be able to explain, understand and predict patterns of casualty. Normative Policy Analysis Normative policy analysis refers to logically consistent propositions that evaluate or prescribe action. An important feature of normative policy analysis is that its propositions rest on disagreements about values including responsiveness, liberty and security. This type of policy analysis would use descriptive research designs as it looking for relationships and data connections. It is mainly looking for factual data to make decisions. Problem Finding and Problem Solving Policy Analysis Problem finding is talking about finding all elements that go into finding the problems. There are many questions that need to be addressed to do problem finding analysis. Problem solving goes into finding the solution to the problem. Many different decisions and cost
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