Policy Evaluation And Feedback

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Step 3: Policy Evaluation and Feedback Policy Evaluation Extent/Availability of evaluations Replica of Operation Ceasefire has been implemented in many states with variety of new addition or deletion of the core components. However, the success that both Boston and Chicago Ceasefire observed was due to specific and focused deterrence strategies. As author Braga mentioned (2012) one has to know how to differentiate between specific and general deterrence. Thus, a larger issue cannot be solved with specific strategies unless the specific strategies provide long-term impacts. Braga (2010 mentioned in his article Franklin Zimring 's (a deterrent scholar) quote on Boston Ceasefire. Zimring stated, "Ceasefire is more of a theory of treatment …show more content…

Newark Ceasefire was missing the "violence interrupters" method, which was one of the core components of Chicago Ceasefire. Some scholars stated that because of missing such component Newark Ceasefire did not see any significant impact on youth gun violence. However, critiques of Chicago CeaseFire revealed that "violence interrupters" method might not be effective for other communities as it differs community-to-community (Boyle et. al., 2010). Thus, assessing Newark Ceasefire 's performance based on any missing would be debatable. Fairness Moreover, research findings demonstrated that a variety of other youth violence prevention programs were active during the same period of time when Chicago CeaseFire was ongoing. Thus, the high success rate might also be due to other mediating influences that prevailed in the environment during that time (Boyle et. al., 2010; Papachristos, 2011). Newark Operation Ceasefire also experienced something similar. Other prevention programs were simultaneously operating near the CF zone, which caused no additional reduction in gunshot wound in the CF zone. For example, Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN), a coordinated effort of United States Attorney 's Office on reducing gun violence, was also active during the time Newark Ceasefire was operating (Department of Justice, 2014). Thus, it might have impacted Ceasefire Newark 's result and

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