Political And Economic Causes Of The Dual Revolution In Europe

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The Dual Revolution was a period of political and economic revolutions that helped change the trajectory of the world. The Dual Revolution was a concept created by Eric Hobsbawm that lasted from 1750-1850. The changes that occurred during this period were a result of revolutions that led to the formation of the modern world. The new modern world helped with the way people worked, communicated, and thought. The Dual Revolution led to political and economic changes that improved the lifestyles of many people during this period and helped form a modern world.
Before the Dual Revolution, Europe was an absolute monarchy, which meant that power was limited and that the people were ruled by a king and queen. Different countries had different types of monarchies. Great Britain’s power was limited by Parliament and Poland’s power was limited by nobility. The kings and queens of these monarchies told people how to think, act, and what they should believe. During this period the people learned that reason was the basis of knowledge and what the kings and queens had been telling them was not reasonable. People then learned that they could believe things other than what monarchs told them, so they began to form their own governments.
Two major political changes that emerged from the Dual Revolution were the ideologies of Nationalism and Liberalism. Nationalism is the idea that the nation and state are separate. The nation represents the ethnic group and the state represents the

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