Industrial Revolutions During Europe During The Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution in Europe
Before the industrial revolution, Europe was mostly dominated by farmers but as the industrial revolution progressed this changed dramatically. Industrial revolution had a significant impact in the process by making new demands that shaped the way of life through increased competition and technological innovation. Generally, it was a historical period that sparked in a stroke a number numerous changes in the economic, social and political dimensions. It is considered as a period that made the biggest impact on 19th century Europe considering that it was the period that the countries realized significant progress that shaped their economies in great details with nationalism and imperialism as well being direct impacts of the revolution.
Not many could have anticipated the rapid rise of the European industry that was realized from industrial revolution. As a note, dominance in wage labor, rapid growth of cities and evolution of industries mostly from steel and iron factories were perhaps the greatest changes that were experienced. In economic changes, manifestations were evident through the increased rates of immigration to better places, rapid growth of cities as centers of trade and changes in the type of work and working structures. Socially, reorganization of family was experienced as well as changes in ownership of jobs, rural to urban migration as well as where and when to work (Lynn et al. 413-414). Politics also played a great role in

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