Political Disagreements Between Russia And The U.s. Essay

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With hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees leaving Syria everyday due to warlike conditions under the current Syrian regime, many have asked what the US government’s involvement can and should be. The current regime in Syria acts with international support from powerful countries, more specifically, Russia. This complicates matters in terms of US involvement due to how an aspect of Russia’s “power” can be defined internationally. For the purposes of this paper, Russia’s power or international advantage relies on the country’s nuclear capabilities. In cases of international conflicts, Russia can assert itself as a mechanism of support, and slow, or halt completely, the international political process due to unspoken, but heavily relevant, nuclear capabilities. Political disagreements between Russia and the U.S. increase complexity with the addition of military support. The use of military force muddies the progress of ongoing treaties between Russia and the U.S., and threatens the goals of U.S. nuclear policies. The new START nuclear weapons treaty targets reduction in potential nuclear posturing and increasing reliance on the use of diplomacy.
The policy of the US in terms of US and Russian relationship is to reduce reliance of nuclear arms as a political bargaining chip. The new START treaty in particular is an attempt by the US and Russia to level the nuclear playing field. For example, the treaty outlines how the respective nations are to reduce their arms over a

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