Political Duties And Moral Obligations

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Essay One I Abbie Humphreys declare that I have neither received nor given any unauthorized assistance on this assignment. It’s a difficult thing to decide whether one’s moral obligation should take precedence over civil duty, or vice versa. As both of these aspects of life are vital to the smooth running of society, though it can be said that there are moral “grey areas” where we can believe that we are more right and more just than the law. In these readings our main characters all believed they were above the law, and that their moral obligations were more important from a justice viewpoint leading them to trouble from the law. This does not mean that political duties are always at odds with moral obligations, in a sense political duties to comply with our own moral obligations with the exception of some grey areas. In this paper I will argue that political duties and moral obligations do comply with each other, while our civil duty of being law abiding citizens should come first. In Antigone, she decides to go against the new law that King Creon declares against the burial of the traitor, Polyneices. Polyneices is Antigone’s brother who attacked the city of Thebes with the Argive army causing the war, Eteocles his brother kills him and is also killed in the process, the King gives Eteocles a hero’s burial but denies an appropriate burial for Polyneices. Antigone decides to do what she believes is morally just over what is lawfully right and gives Polyneices a

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