Political Issues In Oedipus The King

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During Sophocles’s time in Athens, a plethora of social and political issues were present in its society. These issues are modeled and demonstrated through a series of examples and circumstances in Oedipus the King. Sophocles uses the story of Oedipus’s downfall as an example to the Greeks and a reflection of the current affairs in his life. He goes into further interpretation when using the city of Thebes to re enact how life is in Athens to give a more relatable of easier understood outlook on the troubles his city faces. The problems Sophocles highlights are very prevalent in modern day America as well. The same social problems Sophocles writes on are the same ones we face today in our everyday lives. Our government faces many controversial problems and questioning of leadership skills just as Sophocles showed in Oedipus the King.
Another issue seen in Oedipus the King and today’s society is the government and its faults, for “The Ancient Greeks formulated what they believed to be a true democracy. Everyone was to have a say in the political scene, every man had a vote and no one should be disadvantaged. At the same time, however, the society was very much a patriarchal one. Power resided with the male; the leader, the logical and strong enforcer. Women, viewed as emotionally erratic, illogical and weak, were marginalised. Men were given the most noble of duties surrounding the glory of war; women were faced with trying to raise a household”(“Issues Explored in Oedipus

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