Political Issues On Climate Change Essay

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Political Issues on Climate Change In today’s political climate, individuals are more polarized than ever over climate issues. We don’t see much agreement that for whatever the reason, climate change is affecting the Earth. The issues over climate change has hit the media and the environmentalist has done a lot to shined light on the issue as well but, a lot of the citizens still believe that global warming isn’t real. If we are not educated about the issues regarding a sustainable living and about the climate changes going on in current world, then the issue can’t be solved. Educating children when they are young can be a great way to teach living a sustainable life-style. We the people and the politicians need to take a stand and create awareness in schools about living a sustainable life and educate the new generations to care about the negative human impacts on the world. To begin with, is the problem of climate change or what we call global-warming and how it’s affecting the planet we call home. Climate change is when you start to notice things around you in the environment changing like when the winters become much warmer and the summer temperatures hitting record highs. Also, when you start your television to notice the extreme floods tearing down our cities and then afterwards they don’t see rainfall for weeks which then, leads to the extreme droughts and fires. For instance, we create pollution and that leads to greenhouse gases which traps in heat in

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