Political Parties During Americ The Great Rights That Every American Citizen

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Sam Rosen
Mr. Greenberg
Honors Gov.- Period 2
16 October 2015
Political Parties in America Voting is one of the great rights that every American citizen is entitled to. It gives Americans the chance to voice their pleasure, or displeasure, with those who represent them in public office by selecting who they believe best represents their values and beliefs. But who organizes the candidates? What are they affiliated with? The answer is political parties. A political party is an organization of people who share the same views about the way power should be used in a country or a society . It is typically accepted that political parties in america serve four functions. The first being that they selected candidates who best represent them to run for office. The second is they mobilize voters and convince these voters to vote for their selected candidates. Third, they facilitate governance by bringing some sort of order to the process of lawmaking. And finally fourth, they monitor the opposing party whenever they are in power. (Shmoop, “Role of Political Parties”) In america 's fine democracy, there are two major political parties that represent two ends of the political spectrum, The Democrats and The Republicans. The typical american voter can be starch supporter of one, or fall somewhere in between. Although the Democratic party and the Republican party have competing values, they share more in common than most people think and are a pivotal pillar of American Democracy.

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