Political Perspectives On The Political System

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Political perspectives Ch. 2 VS. Dialogical ethics and significant choice Ch. 4 The political system is similar to communication theory in the sense that they both have interdependent rules and ethics that are important to the success of the members participating. Just as there are different compartments to politics, there for communications as well. There are specific values to politics just as there are to communications. Politics implements heavy usage of rhetoric, while a large portion of communications is based on rhetoric, and vice versa. Within the political perspective, there are many different theories. Specifically, I would like to focus on the Four moralities. Founded by Karl Wallace, he singles out four values and beliefs that he feels are essential to functionality of the political system. In simpler terms, the four values include respect, fairness, freedom, and belief. In order for citizens to instill these values, he created the four moralities, which is essentially an ethical guideline. These statements are utilized to promote the four values and beliefs. First, developing the habit of search. This entails communicating ethically and readily exploring the details and outcomes of any given situation or scenario. This rule focuses on being extremely educated of the subject you are speaking on in any context. You have to be open minded and be able to understand any opposing arguments made. Doing this prepares you for any debates, you are ready to answer

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