Political Philosophy: Is Utilitarianism the Best Way to Fight Discrimination?

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Utilitarianism states that the moral worth of an act is completely determined by its practicality in reducing negative service and exploiting utility as summed in every sentient being. The utility principle states that an act is right if it produces more pleasure of all people affected by and immoral if it doesn't. It is founded on the idea that happiness and pleasure are naturally treasured and suffering and pain are not, and that all else has value if it is generating pleasure and inhibiting happiness. In his article Marx on Utilitarianism, Ronald West states, “There are several systems of Utilitarianism, each looking to overcome the flaws within it. For example, the meaning of “the totality of human pleasure,” even when defined following Mill in terms of the maximum price someone would be ready to pay for something, is problematical. If the total mass of utility is increased while its ownership is concentrated in fewer hands, can this be deemed to be right?” (West, 3)
Utilitarianism is the best means of fighting discrimination because it helps support equality through equal observation of interests and rebuke every random otherness as a person being worthy of another affection and kindness. Utilitarianism discards racism, sexism, and any other form of discrimination. This doesn’t say that utilitarianism denies that people have their differences and will sometimes be in conflict, it directs ones attention to that there is no reasonably resounding reason for thinking that
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