Political Philosophy Of Henry V, By William Shakespeare

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Henry V demonstrates his ability to make all of his men feel valued and equal by saying “ If we are mark’d to die, we are now doing our country loss; and if to live , The fewer men, the greater share of honour, which means that he is encouraging them to fight with a stride of pride and if they go down in flames so be it, own that moment. Also i would like to include that Henry V is making each and every one of them feel special by giving them a pep talk. Henry V led by example, situating himself in the middle of fighting, whereas with the French king. He trusted his nobles by leaving them under the leadership of the army. Although Henry V had numerous ways to show Through an examination of both the players and Shakespeare's sources, …show more content…

He was Kind to his men

Indeed, the outcome of the discussion between Henry and the Archbishop had already been decided before the meeting took place. Based on earlier speeches in the play, it is known that the Archbishop will grant Henry the right to attack France because Henry had earlier agreed to stop a bill in Parliament that would have taxed the church and taken away half its land. We also know that Henry entered the discussion with the full support of the English nobles who had visions of plundering the land and riches of a defeated France. As for the king himself, he favored war in order to gain the respect of the English people and the nobles of the English court. But none of this is mentioned during the talk between Henry and the Archbishop, nor is there discussion of substantive questions, such as: Could England actually win? How many troops would be needed to secure that victory?
So why have the meeting at all? “For unity and affirmation from the church,” said Ken Adelman. “God gives Henry the right to invade France. The battle is legitimized.” Equally important, he added, is that “Henry has the last word, which provides further clarity and legitimization for the mission ahead.” As the king says: “Now are we well resolved;

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