Political Socialization Is A Process In Relation To Political Socialization

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Have you ever thought about a person in your life that influenced you on how you perceive life and politics? Everyone had some type of guidance’s that help them become person that they are today. Political socialization is a process in which people form their ideas about politics. This process is a lifelong development of a person political values. A large range of things can play a factor on a person train of thought. As an adolescent, my family played a major role on developing my attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors that's needed to be a law-abiding citizen. Today I will inform you on political socialization process, relations to political socialization to the stability of public opinion, and also provide my personal experience on political socialization. To begin, political socialization isn't something that's gathered overnight. This maybe a never ending process. Everyday people are learning new information that’s modifying their prospective on politics and their life in general. According to previ.com, “the 4 major agents of political socialize Asian are your family, school, your peers, and mass media”. This coexist with the idea that the US political socialization is to pass down their customs, believes, values supportive of democracy down to the next generation in government. The people you surround yourself with may impact your political views. Anything you use on a daily basis or any person you may be around daily may have an influence on the way you think

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