Political Socialization

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Political Socialization

Political socialization is the theory of how humans form political values and culture are formed in order to spread those ideals to the next generation, whether it be directly or indirectly, socialization often plays a part in our daily lives, and affects children as young as adolescents. Usually, the primary institutions of family, church, workplace, school, and political parties are all agents which will all at any point in time have an effect in your life and are invested to change your ideas or to reinforce them further.
The earliest and most influential agents in my life are my family. Before I was able to make any decisions on my own, most of my ideas and preconceptions came from my family. Many of my political opinions that I hold today are directly from my father, who tends to hold conservative views, most resembling the center-right. I have always been very close to my father, who holds strong premonitions for my future and expects that I will follow those expectations for my own good whilst creating an identity of my own. The identity I follow today is mostly consisted around the idea of economic security and a good education. My parents often talk about the sacrifices that they had to make immigrating from Ukraine to the United States, leaving their entire family behind, learning a new language, and trying to find jobs in order to have financial security for the family. Many of their ideas of working hard and their family safe comes from
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