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Finally, the last important observation that can be made is the details, but they are not ostentatious details. Typical of a Classical Greek sculpture (and of Polykleitos), this figure has many humanistic details. His hair is curled delicately and there is not a stray out of place, even with the fillet or band around his head. This alludes to a sense of youthfulness, handsomeness, and perhaps elegance. As previously mentioned, one can see the muscles in his torso and arms. You can also see his collar bones, his ribs, and his elbow bones. Upon close inspection, one can also notice his toenails and the tiny wrinkles in his belly button. However, most of the details are from his face. This statue does not have abstract features or the Archaic smile. His facial features are more pronounced: plump lips, high bridged nose, and lidded eyes. The emphasis on his features gives off a calm, loss-in-thought expression. Also emphasized by the slight tilt of his head, Diadoumenos is also looking away from the viewer; he seems to be staring at the cloth of the fillet he used to tie his head (the ends of the fillet band are not shown in the sculpture, because it is fragmented). However, he does not look too …show more content…

male. Since this is a marble copy (original was bronze), the statue retains that marble color and it was not painted. However, the marble could have been rubbed to show the highlights and the shadows (the brown-ish shades) of the body. Diadoumenos is also built on a platform with a small base of a tree; this is mostly likely to balance the statue in addition to his contrapposto position. After evaluating all the details or features of this statue, one may come to the conclusion that this is a beautiful sculpture and it definitely is. Just by standing and gazing at the Diadoumenos, one might feel calm and proud at how he is calm and proud at his victory

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