Polytheism In Latin America

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Spain and Portugal successfully colonized South America during the 15th century and as a result exploited the land they conquered to their benefit. The Treaty of Tordesillas divided the region between the two great powers and allowed them to do what they wished with the land they controlled. Religious missionaries worked to convert the natives to the scripture of the Catholic Church while simultaneously enslaving them and claiming their resources as their own. The indigenous people were infuriated with the arrogance of their European conquerors and found inspiration from the United States of America and the French to lead a revolution of their own. The consequences of these series of uprisings and the basis for their desire to possess independence is still being witnessed in modern day Mexico, through the Zapatistas. The Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas were three prominent cultures in South America. Polytheism, human sacrifice, agriculture, and a self-governed empires were all aspects of Latin American civilizations prior to their colonization. Once the Spanish and Portuguese implemented themselves into the ancient …show more content…

The indigenous people have been excluded from enjoying basic health care, education, and their human rights have been infringed upon by the government. The majority of the natives live in poverty and 70 percent of them suffer from malnutrition. Agriculture is their main source of income, but due to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) the United States of America and Canadian farming giants are given the option to buy or rent their land which causes a financial concern for the people. The day the NAFTA was put in place, on January 1st 1994, the Zapatistas rose up and started to actively try and claim their rights back from the Mexican

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