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The novel


is an authentic fiction novel after the difficulties of roman designer and Aquarius Marcus Atillus and his trip to attempt and fix the unbelievable water Augusta reservoir conduit, all amid the season of the awful catastrophe that is the Mount Vesuvius erution! Atillus "new to begin hunting down the #rea" in the reservoir conduit #y beginning from $omeii #ecause it was the main city getting water, so in the event that they took after the reservoir conduit from $omeii they would in fact discover the #rea"! %nce the #rea" is discovered they began to wor" on it and fix it #ut they were stopped #y multile tremors starting from the earliest stage they don't new anything "great would originate from this so they got out as quic"ly …show more content…

This novel may #e fiction #ut it is without a doubt #ased urely on reality, the main fiction in this #oo" is simply the story! &everal examles of structural, geograhical, and general authentic data in this novel will #e comared to precise recorded reports and discoveries to rove that this anecdotal novel is without a doubt #ased on fact!'hile numerous things in this #oo" are exceptionally exact erhas the most precise is the geograhical areas of the urban communities and the water channels, and the courses they ta"e! The area of the urban areas is extremely exact #y comaring the ma in the #oo" to the one given in the we#site a#out the Augusta the areas and setting is exceptionally precise! They are on a similar scale and one could without a dou#t tell that (arris loo"ed at an authority ma to ma"e beyond any doubt that the areas were precise! Additionally when Atillus is endeavoring to make sense of where the #rea" is, he reali)es that the #rea" is in #etween $omeii and Mount Vesuvius #ecause of the reality $omeii had water and *ola did not! This is exceptionally exact #ecause of the way that the *ola repository was further along geograhically than $omeii+s was so they "new that the

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