Essay on Poor Education is a Cyclical Trap

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Undoubtedly, the inadequate condition of our country’s education system is cyclical. The level of poverty in the United States is high; therefore, economic problems prevent many from receiving sufficient education. This deficiency prevents higher levels of learning, which stand in the way of our nation’s economic growth. This situation is simultaneously widespread and continuous. The importance in providing better educational opportunities should be recognized, supported and enforced in our country in order to improve our current situation.
The lack of government funds to pay for school necessities greatly contribute to our problem of poor education. Due to our weakened economy in the United States we lack the financial power to …show more content…

Furthermore, disregard for knowledge will perpetuate health issues and unemployment which can contribute to homelessness.
When family values are suffering, education amongst the children within that family may also suffer. The causes of deterioration within the family structure may also be created by economic problems and a lack of community support. When value is placed on working to earn support within a financially disadvantaged family, the value placed on education is non-existent. Children are not instilled with the value of education to earn more money, since money is needed for immediately survival. Parents do not have time to involve themselves with the school system and attend teacher conferences to assist their children. Familial and cultural cycles develop that are extremely difficult to break. Uneducated parents do not encourage their children to achieve higher education. There is likelihood for this type of family to produce unemployable offspring. More unemployed people equate to more receiving government benefits, further exacerbating social problems. This situation creates a need for even more social services and places a further strain on government resources.
The placement of value on education is detrimental for the future of our country. Looking to other successful countries, it is clear that the basis of a good education is comprised of math, reading and science. It is to our

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