Poor Living Conditions and Ill Health Essay

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Introduction Over the past quarter century there has been a growing body of support for the importance of understanding the relationship between poor living conditions and ill-health. These conditions have been referred to as the social determinants of health. There has been a strong push amongst policy makers to study the non-medical determinants of health as opposed to the traditional narrow way of thinking with regards to medical treatments or lifestyle choices (Mikkonen, Raphael 2010). Income and income distribution is thought to be the most important of the social determinants of health because it further influences other social determinants of health for example, low-income families are forced to live under circumstances of…show more content…
Historical Background Minimum wage legislation is one of the oldest government policy instruments used in the labour market. In Canada, early minimum wage laws were designed and implemented to protect women from exploitation. The notion of protecting vulnerable workers was thought to have been based on British minimum wage laws to protect children from exploitative labour in factories (Goldberg, Green 1999). In Canada, the first minimum wage laws were ratified around 1918 in British Columbia and Manitoba. The legislation only protected women. Six Canadian provinces implemented minimum wage legislation covering women by the 1920s. Minimum wage legislation eventually extended to also protect young vulnerable workers and men. In 1925 British Columbia was the first province to modify its minimum wage laws to also protect male workers. Most of the other provinces in Canada had modified their minimum wage laws to also protect male workers by the mid-1930s (Goldberg, Green 1999). By the 1960s, most workers in Canada were covered by minimum wage laws. The original policy objective of minimum wage legislation was to protect women and children, who were thought to be the most vulnerable and exploited groups of workers. Around the time of early minimum wage legislation, related legislation was also being implemented to protect workers
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