Pop Culture Essay

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Habitual Americans

From the newest music video to the latest Buzzfeed’s Tasty recipe, Americans express themselves through pop culture. What music someone listens to, who they follow on Instagram, what tweet they retweet on Twitter: all reflects who someone is. Americans reflect themselves through pop culture contrary to belief that pop culture creates Americans.
Barbie’s and Legos: two of the most popular children’s toys throughout the decades These toys are always being remade in a new way and sold through advertising. The newest Legos are always made to correspond with a movie coming to theaters near you. These toys are why pop culture creates Americans as a society. Americans buy what they see on television, these products then become “popular”, and eventually are owned in every household. Snuggies were once popular, they were advertised during every commercial break, leaving everyone to feel like they needed one. If these had not been advertised as much as they were, they would not have been popular. Although Americans buy what they see as popular, it does not create who they are, only reflects what is popular at the moment. Of course, someone is going to go buy, the newest invention or go see the newest action movie in theater. The product interests the consumer into looking into it more.
If someone is partially awake at 3 am, they will turn on the shopping channel, where things you thought had never been invented are sold. People are curious on what is out there.

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