How Does Pope Francis Laudato Talk

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Pope Francis’ Laudato Si shows that the relationships between God, humans, and the earth are intertwined, and that better understanding theology as “God talk” helps people to better understand those relationships. Drawing from numerous sources including the Catechism, Christian tradition, past popes, saints, and bishops from New Zealand, Canada, and Brazil, Pope Francis fabricates an encyclical discussing these relationships and connections, leading to extensive explanation of integral ecology. Theology is commonly defined as “the study of God” but a more authentic definition is that it is “God talk” (lecture). Theo translates to God and logos translates to logic, language, and reason (lecture). The sources of theology are scripture, tradition, and experience (lecture). Scripture being the text of the Bible, tradition meaning a collection of beliefs, practices, habits of a group over time, and experience being the history of experience of those before them and insights of experts and non-Christians (lecture). Theological language is —.Theological language works as ongoing and open-ended because humans cannot fully comprehend God. Humanity is journeying a —length for God, and this quest is ingrained in the three element: (1) the incomprehensible, ineffable, and incomparable nature of God, (2) the search is continual and universal humans crave understanding a deeper relationship with God, and (3) the search is made new because of “the changing history of human cultures”

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