1. Overview Of The Theology Of The Pentateuch.. Theology

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1. Overview of the Theology of the Pentateuch.
Theology is the study of God, and further the Theology of the Pentateuch is defined as what is the Pentateuch teaching us about God today. The Pentateuch is another name for the Torah, which consists of the first five books of the Biblical canon. Studying the theological vision contained within the Pentateuch is crucial to scholars since it is this vision that shapes the principal form of this work. Further, the foundation for the theology of God is set forth in the rest of the Bible. One can read numerous intricate, complex stories as concern our Creator, however there is not one contradiction in respect to his attributes that can be found. It is owing to the fact that this is a solid …show more content…

These are promises that God secured between himself and his people. For example, Genesis one uncovers a covenant with Adam and continues further with covenants with Noah, Abraham, Moses, Israel and a renewal with the new generation of God’s chosen people in Deuteronomy. Moreover, each of these covenants has “it’s own character and scope; and each prepares for and provides the found for, the next”. Alexander and Baker hold fast in agreement and proceed to say, “ Yet the faith and varied responses of the ancestors and Israelites are best grasped in relation to covenant making, covenant breaking and renewals of covenant”. The narrative of the Pentateuch has a progressive nature, as do the covenants made between people and God.
2. Theology of the Pentateuch in Genesis.
2.1 Character of God, Humanity, and Covenant Relationship in Genesis.
The book of Genesis presents the reader with a relational God. In particular, Genesis focuses on the relationship between God and man and “thus Genesis does not present a static theology of God’s involvement with humanity, but regardless of his mode of engagement, God is present and active”. However, the sin of man arrived into the world and these relationships were fractured. Again, God exhibits judgment, but also mercy when in Genesis three He sends Adam and Eve out of the Garden for their transgression, yet provides clothes as an act of grace.
The main Biblical idea behind a covenant means a

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