Pope Urban II : Emissary Of God Or Mad Man?

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Pope Urban II: Emissary of God or Mad Man?
In the Middle Ages, religious authorities played a significant role in the declaration of foreign wars, in countries like Europe. One of the most infamous religious figures during the middle ages, Popes Urban II did more than advocate for the declaration of a war, he started the war (Christian History Para.1-2). Pope Urban played a major role in the declaration of the first crusade of the many crusades, that would span 196-year. This lengthy array of battles, which would later come to be known as the Crusades. Research shows that the political system of Europe (during the Crusades) resembles a theocratical system. (Christian History Par. 1-3) In the history of European nations, many problems had
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The Catholic church largely owned the holy scriptures; throughout much of the Middle Ages. Due to this fact alone, a large portion of the European population, would have had no personal access to the holy scriptures. Most of the European population would have to wholly rely on the Catholic church for their spiritual guidance.
Historians who have studied Pope Urban II and the Crusades, are aware of how many soldiers met their demise. The war was thought of by many priests and Pope Urban II thought of as a divinely inspired holy war. A war which ultimate goal was the reclamation of the holy land, from the Muslim people who had slowly taken much of the previously owned European land over the course of hundreds of years (Schroeder Para. 10-14). The goal was to reclaim land, which had previously belonged to European countries. The crusader 's goal was to ultimately to reclaim the holy land, from those who they perceived as their enemies. Throughout the Crusades, many soldiers died, due to their belief that God would prosper them, if they fought in the holy war (McGill Para.1-4). The predominant belief was this was a war of vengeance, against God’s enemies, who occupied the various holy sites in the holy land. The Crusades were not a new or unusual occurrence, many times through history European nations, have gone to war believing that God would give them victory over their enemies (Schroeder Para.6-8). In a theocracy, the
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