Pope Urban II: The First Crusade

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Pope Urban II gave the speech, “Fulcher of Chartres on Clermont and Jerusalem”, to convince sinners to go on a pilgrimage. A pilgrimage is the act of traveling or seeking something. In this case, it would be for religious beliefs. Before the First Crusade, the Islamic Empire became arguably the most intelligent civilization. Baghdad was the second biggest city in the world because it included complex economic practices, the center of a trade, and higher educations. Alongside the rise of the Islamic Empire, Europe began having power, but the influence was almost immediately lost after Charlemagne’s death. Because Europe has many coasts, they began getting raided. This defensive state all changes with the First Crusade. There are multiple reasons, …show more content…

Urban stated that Turks and Arabs, or in his words “vile races” were destroying the churches and devastating the entire empire. Urban believed that Muslims were ripping away Christianity from Jerusalem. He also mentioned that God was calling upon Christians for this mission. The empire was being influenced by Islamic ways which was considered impure and put the belief of God in jeopardy. Urban trusted that it was in the hands of Christian sinners to save Jerusalem and the faith of …show more content…

Urban’s intentions were unclear. Urban wanted to contain all the power and not share it with the emperor. By gaining this land, it would benefit his campaign. Also, the First Crusade was not a defensive war. Muslims never threatened Urban or his people. In Urban’s speech, the language seemed defensive, but he was actually the aggressor. It was possible that Urban’s plan to take back Jerusalem was pure. He did not want Jerusalem to convert to muslim. He might have been trying to preserve christianity from falling through the cracks. Perhaps, Urban wanted to save the faith of God, and prevent Christians from being punished for their sins. As for Christians, their motivations were believed to be spiritual. They were convinced that they would be saved rather being damned to hell if they went to take back Jerusalem. This made Christians and Urban have a common goal of gaining back

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