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Tax efficient. Like other costs, taxes must be minimized in order to maximize the quality of your investment strategy and the portfolio it produces.
In this project we are discussing on how to manage a portfolio of client.
In our situation there is one couple name Jane and George they are 60 years old and running a family business with the name of Aussie Poultry and they have five children who helps them in running a business but 100% voting shares are on the name of Jane and George and the value of these share is $ 27.5M. Now as they are moving to retirement age they starting to manage their financial matters and manage saving in such a way they get maximum return in coming future.
In their current portfolio major investment is in …show more content…

Portfolio manager also need to consider some factors while designing a portfolio for someone.
Risk taking capacity of the client.
Beta of the stock.
Selection of those Industries in which growth is maximum
Actively management of the portfolio i.e. regularly sale purchase of the securities.
Simple. A good portfolio minimizes complexity and avoids using unnecessary components. You should be able to quickly review and assess your portfolio’s performance from a few account statements that each contain no more than a handful of securities and transactions each year.
Transparent. You should clearly understand what each element of your portfolio is, and what it is supposed to do. Trust is not something that should be given to anyone in the investment business. It should be earned, and then given only sparingly and where absolutely necessary.
Easy to manage. Professional investment managers are good at making what they do seem too complex and mysterious for you to do yourself. The truth is that most of what goes on in retail investment management is activity that is more valuable for justifying high fees than anything else.
Take a hard look at your portfolio and evaluate it against each of these attributes. For it to be the best it can be, it must possess every one of them to the maximum extent possible.
You might also notice that your TSP account gives you

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