Portfolio Writing Review And Reflection

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Portfolio Writing Review and Reflection
When I started this class, I never thought I was a “good” writer. Ironically, after this class, I have learned how to be an organized writer and the term “good” is extremely unclear and subjective. From the short stories and questions to the individual essays, each assignment helped me practice and develop my writing skills. Overall, I think my writing has improved and the process of writing, something I often over looked, has immensely helped my writing.
My literacy narrative titled, “Affinity for Reading”, helped me analyze and assess how I really felt about writing. Reading through my literacy narrative, I see how far I have grown in my grammar and mechanics and formatting. I remember after I turned the assignment in that I forgot to change the font to Times New Roman. I thought I was going to fail based on that formatting error. While I was fleshing out my ideas for the assignment, I sat down at Starbucks and just wrote any and all memories of reading and writing that I had. It was not incredibly efficient, however, I learned how to create more structured outlines as the course went on. In addition, I also learned to triple check basic formatting for each essay to ensure that each essay was as accurate as possible.
My argument analysis titled, “The Art of Liberal Arts”, allowed me to use several different sources for writing assistance. I used the Smartthinking website and I also went to the Germanna Student Tutoring Service.
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