Position In Society In Jane Austen's Emma And Wuthering Heights

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Part Three: Essay

Question 1.

Within this course, a main theme that has been discussed across each novel has been the understanding or critique of whether or not an individual’s position within society should indicate how well perceived they are within society. Each author within our course has touched on the idea of position within society and the way people of a lower or higher position with society, whether it is due to wealth or due to an individual being born into a reputable family, or both. There has also been a overarching question of whether or not people should marry someone who is of the same social position as themselves, or whether it is acceptable to marry someone who is of a lower class or fortune than oneself. This essay will discuss how the novel’s Emma and Wuthering Heights demonstrate that an individual who marries an individual with equal social standing and fortune are more likely to live a more safe and comfortable life.

Throughout the novel Emma by Jane Austen, Emma is a naïve young woman who has everything that she could ever want to be able to live a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle. However, Emma is stricken with boredom and a overwhelming feeling of lacking a purpose in life when her beloved governess and friend Miss. Taylor, soon to become Mrs. Weston, gets married. At this point in her life Emma has nothing to do, as she is a woman of high station and incredible wealth, who’s only true friend is leaving her to get married. Throughout

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