Position Paper On Abortion

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The topic of abortion has become an issue today in the U.S. They have the authority to rule on whether laws governing abortion are Constitutional or not. The Legislative Branch is, for the most part, in favor of legalizing abortion because the Senate and the House of Representatives all want women and fetuses to be protected. The Executive Branch favors abortion because they feel no child should be terminated in the late stage of a pregnancy. I will now explain how each branch played a role in making abortion legal under the constitution. First, the judicial branch has seen that laws blocking abortions are unconstitutional. The case Roe v Wade was the landmark case that contributed to women being able to have abortions. The United States Supreme Court came down with the decision of allowing a woman to terminate her pregnancy. The decision was based upon the Fourteenth Amendment which refers to privacy rights. Also, a judge, Myron H. Thompson, has declared the Women’s Health and Safety Act unconstitutional. The Women’s Health and Safety Act was related to the doctors performing abortions. In the case Planned Parenthood Southeast v. Strange the right to an abortion is constitutional like any other due process. However, the legislative branch finds having an abortion unconstitutional in certain circumstances. As early as 1981, the abortion debate shifted from the courts to Congress. This is when legislative hearings were held on human life

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