Positive And Negative Effects Of Imperialism In Africa

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Imperialism has had very positive and negative effects on many countries/cities. Two of them are Algiers, capital of Algeria, and Congo. For Algiers there have been lots of problems, like not being able to develop as a country and a not great economy. But, it has also created roads and improved education, and has also given the city many new ideas that have helped the people and the city be more modern and know more about tools they may need in the future. For Congo, there was an increased school system, improved healthcare, and the amount of jobs increased. Unfortunately though there was a lot of discrimination against the congolese, and lots of brutal treatment which decreased the population. The imperialism of Algiers started in 1820 when the French refused to pay for wheat from Algeria. Ten years later, the French invaded Algeria and gained control of their country and was eventually a departement of France (departement are like states). The French built many villages that were very similar to those in France. Many European countries at this time were looking to take over countries in Africa. France picked Algeria because it was near the ocean, had fertile lands, petroleum, natural gases, uranium, and many resources. France wanted to create jobs for those who fought in the Napoleonic Wars because they didn’t have enough jobs in France. France also wanted to pay off their debt from the many wars they had. Lastly, they wanted to spread their religion because they thought

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