Positive And Negative Effects Of Smartphones For Teenagers

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In the 21st century, it is not uncommon to see that everyone, no matter which age groups they belong to, has their own mobile phone. Because there are many different functions which can be used in the smartphone. For example, people can play games through the applications that developed by the gaming organizations or communicate with others through the instant communication applications, such as WhatsApp, WeChat, or Line, etc. Thus, it is no doubt that smartphone is essential to our lives in these years. However, there are people who start arguing the effects which are positive or negative to people’s life of using the smartphone frequently, especially for teenagers. It is because teenage years are a very important growing period for both physical and mental development for the adolescents. For me, I think that using the mobile phone frequently for…show more content…
They can easily chat with friends whenever they want or wherever they are. But this results in a new situation, phubbing. It means that people only focus on their phone and ignore the others around them. In these years, it is not difficult to find that there are groups of people sitting around a table but ignoring each other and only pay attention to their phone. This case mainly appears among adolescents because they are more likely to be addicted to the mobile phone. Thus, the uses of smartphones are making far away instead of closer. Therefore, using the smartphone frequently is worsening our relationships instead of improving the relations between peers. Therefore, upon the disadvantages of using smartphones frequently, the smartphone is bringing more negative effects to teenagers than its benefits. It affects their all-around developments and ruins their growth. It is better for the adolescents to stay away from the mobile phone in order to have a healthful
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