Positive And Negative Effects Of Social Media

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The Negative Effects of Social Media
Katie Donnelly
Senior research paper
Mrs. Miller The Negative Effects of Social Media
Thirteen years old Nicole Lovell was found dead, her body discovered in North Carolina, across the state border from her family home in Virginia. Investigators said Nicole had been secretly messaging 18 year old Virginia tech student, David Eisenhauer, on a social media app. Nicole sneaked out of her parents house late one night to meet up with David but never returned home. She was missing for three days until her body was found 80 miles away. Even though social media has become a huge part of our everyday lives it can be the leading cause of cyberbullying, pornography and stalking.
Social Media & Cyberbullying
Bullying has always been an issue whether you're at school, home, or with friends. With more than 71% of teens using more than one social media app cyberbullying has now become more common (Kwan, 2017). Cyberbullying occurs when individuals write hurtful or embarrassing things to or about another person in order to shame, control, or harass them.
How Cyberbullying Happens
With high online activity teens said they have witnessed, participated in, or been a victim of cyberbullying. Some cyberbullies create one or more fake profiles in order to impersonate someone that a victim might ‘friend’ or find interesting. By impersonating, it allows the perpetrator to gain the victim's trust. Once the trust is gained, cyberbullies will reveal

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